Staffing and recruiting service

Do you need employees fast, temporarily or for a project? Do you want to save resources while we handle the full application and recruitment process?

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Looking for a job?

Let us find a job for you

We connect the dots between employer and employee.

RCCC Group offers high quality recruitment services, meaning that we do the work to get you a reliable job.

We believe that everyone is allowed to adapt their employment to suit their needs. This can mean long or short term employments or a combination of both.

Looking for staff?

We find the right staff for companies

Our staffing service ensures flexibility in your business.  Acquire workers exactly when you need it, easily and cost-effectively.

We make staffing hassle-free, and will find the best employees for you, fast and reliably.

We have a large network of employees. That is why we can find you a fitting employee quickly, even for the next day.

Staffing and recruiting services in Finland - Construction

We focus on construction, logistics and HoReCa

We offer a quick and flexible workforce to meet a wide range of needs. We can find the talent for your requirements from our applicant pool. We primarily hire for jobs in construction, logistics, and hospitality sectors.

Our recruitment services offer a quick and simple solution for your company’s labor requirements. Hiring employees can help to ensure that unforeseen circumstances do not disrupt your business. For example, substitutes or project-based work may require additional workforce at short notice, in which case temporary staffing is a good option.